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Dramatically Different.

ted Learning was established in June 2012 to deliver theatre based learning that was dramatically different, engaging and fun. During these years past, we have worked across many sectors and industries.

Our training is experiential – we appeal to more than just the see and hear senses that most training is directed at.  Because we create work based scenarios that are based on real-life, learners feel emotionally connected to and engaged with the learning, having a true sense of feeling – this drives reactions, thoughts and discussions.

We use professionally trained actors that bring the theatre of learning to life – we never do role-play! Learners are there to observe and direct the action and if they are involved in interacting with the actors, they will always be themselves – we call this real-play.

ted Learning offers both classroom based learning and blended learning.


ted Learning

What is theatre based Learning?

Training has to be fun, to embed the learning and deliver long term benefits to your people and your organisation.  At ted Learning, we use our  ‘theatre of learning’ to fully engage learners with scenario based and practice sessions.  By observing human interactions in a number of different environments, we get a chance to understand why people react the way they do.  This helps us learn how we can avoid conflict and how we manage different approaches depending on who we are speaking with, what it’s about and where the conversation is taking place.

How do we do it?

Our professionally trained actors specialise in getting under the skin of your organisation so we portray real-life situations – we want everyone attending a ted Learning course to say “they get us”.

Working with expert trainers & facilitators, we create safe, fun environments to learn.

If it’s not dramatically different, engaging and fun, it’s not ted Learning!

What Is Blended Learning?

Blended learning can either begin before a classroom based intervention, after the session or be both before and after. The team at ted Learning can work with you to ensure prior to attending a classroom based workshop learners have some pre-work to complete, ensuring the face to face interaction time is maximised for engaging learning. We can also test how the learning has been embedded with follow up assessment or feedback.

Why work with ted Learning?

ted Learning has been in business since 2012. During this period we have delivered training to over 10,000 learners with 98% rating their experience as good or excellent.

We only deliver bespoke training. Every course we run has been created around a framework but is adapted specifically for your organisation and learners.

Learners often comment how realistic the scenarios were and that we get their business. We are trusted to deliver great training and are passionate about learner engagement.

Our 5 Steps to Learning

At ted Learning we always follow 5 steps when working with any new client.
1) dna - we get to know your business by spending some time either in it or conducting an extensive process with you.
2) create - we then create bespoke and relevent training
3) experience - nothing beats a fun, engaging training experience and that's what we deliver
4) how was it? we ask for immediate feedback and follow up suggestions after the training event
5) what's next? - we want to embed the learning which we do via blended learning or digital learning to extend past the classroom based experience.

we are here to help you.

still unsure about working with us? our FAQ might help or visit our website at www.tedlearning.co.uk

0.1 Who do you work with?
ted Learning works across all sectors and industries. From manufacturing, retail, insurance, hospitality, financial, travel, tech to local authority and housing associations. We pride ourselves on the depth of organisations we work with from small teams to delivering large conferences to over 500 employees.
0.2 What makes ted Learning different?
Learning should be engaging and fun. ted Learning delivers dramatically different, engaging and fun. People laugh but learn. Our actors deliver realistic scenarios that ensure people feel the learning aswell as seeing and hearing it. And our expert trainers are experienced in their subject matter - if they deliver project management, they have been a project manager in the past. If they deliver customer service training, they have worked in a customer service environment.

What is theatre based learning?

you're in good company.

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    Feedback from our learners and clients is what drives our business. We actively seek out what went well and areas where we could improve to make the experience even better next time around.

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